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Translation company "Socrates" - Moscow. Technical translations into more than 50 languages.
Notarial certification of the documents. Any language (of CIS, Europe, East countries). Courierís departure.
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Moscow translation bureau "Socrates" offers professional text translation services, any theme is accepted, from/to 50 languages.

We provide such kinds of translation services:
Corporative documentation:
Contracts, treaties, agreements, letters, summaries, statutes, registration articles of incorporation, business correspondence, financial accounting, certificates, protocols, etc.
Translation of technical texts:
Instructions, guidance notes to devices and equipment, descriptions, automobile manufacturing, household devices, electrotechnics, air transport, military equipment, weapons, oil, gas, etc.
Translation of advertisements and popular texts:
e-mails, advertising modules, articles for newspapers and magazines, articles of general content, etc.
Translation of civil documents with notarial certification:
Passports, diplomas, certificates, identity documents, work books, letters of attorney, subscriptions, submissions, Civil Registry Office documents, clean record certificates, health certificates, birth certificates, agreements of childís departure abroad, driving licenses, seals, etc.
Professional journalists will write articles for you on different themes for reasonable prices. We complete all the orders quickly, creatively and in a good quality. Quality and excellent style are permanent guides of our work.
Scientific articles and sitesí translation.
Courier Delivery all over Moscow (within Moscow Ring Road).
Permanent discounts:
25 pages-6%
35 pages-7%
50 pages-10%
More than 100 pages - an individual approach.
We donít grant discounts for urgent orders.
We launch a translation after minimum prepayment (typically 5-15% from the orderís price). Translation bureau "Socrates" is fully responsible for the translations made by its translators, and therefore, if translationís shortcomings are identified we guarantee their non-payable correction. Translations are made by qualified translators and editors with experience in a particular subject area.